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Our Rooms

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Baby Room 'The Snowdrops'

We provide care for newborn babies from the tender age of 6 weeks until the age of 23 months. Our room has been designed to offer a warm, inviting and homely atmosphere. The experienced and qualified nursery staff enocurage, show and support the babies as they develop. The room is a light and bright environment where they will be introduced to new experiences and are given time to explore their surroundings safely.

They also have access to both our nursery garden and their own garden, babies are able to discover through heuristic play and will be introduced to materials and objects with different textures. Babies are given opportunities to explore and have some of their first experiences doing sensory and tactile based activities.

Mealtime menus are adapted to cater for each child less than one year old to help support with their weaning stages.  Any dietary requirements and allergies will also be discussed.

We provide settling in visits to all children before they start their adventure with us to ensure each child becomes familiar with the environment and the staff, in particular their assigned key person.  During this time we will discuss your child’s routine, likes, dislikes and you will be provided with information that will help you as a parent in this transition, too.

As your child grows we will discuss with you when we feel they are ready to transition into the next room, this is sometimes done earlier depending on each child’s stage of development.  All transition visits are done during the child’s day(s) at nursery.


Toddler Room 'The Bluebells'

Our Toddler room cares for children ages 2 years - 3 years. Our large, bright and colourful play room has been designed to allow the children to move around freely to different areas, encouraging them to become more independent.  The experienced and qualified nursery staff encourage, show and support the children as they become independent and develop new skills.

The children also have access to our nursery garden. All the equipment and materials are at the children’s level and they are encouraged and supported by the nursery staff to play, discover and explore during free flow play activities.  During the daily routine all the children will be given opportunities to play and discover their interests with elements of challenging play which are child and adult-led activities, they are able to do this with the various activities set out and equipment to use.

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Pre Pre School 'The Daisies'

Our Pre Pre school children from 2yr 10 mths start the morning within 'the log cabin' on a lighter curriculum based on our Nursery School which will aid the transition for the following year. In the afternoon they join any Nursery School children who stay on the whole day. 

During the day the children will continue to develop their independent skills through taking part in adult initiated and child initiated activities. Children experience a wide and exciting range of activities that are freely and easily accessible throughout the sessions. These include adult led rhyme and rhythm activities. A wide selection of resources are offered and are available for the children to self-select, which promotes independent learning.

The children also have access to our expansive nursery gardens. All the equipment and materials are at the children’s level and they are encouraged and supported by the nursery staff to play, discover and explore during free flow play activities.

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Nursery School (EA Funded and Non Funded)

We are part of the Education Authority Pre-School Expansion Programme which offers free funded places for those children in their immediate school year. The EA Programme operates 38 weeks of the year.

Attending Nursery School at Primrose subsidies the cost of daycare within and also has some excellent promo rates.

Please click here to be redirected to our Nursery School section.

Boy Painter

The School Squad @ 'The Log Cabin'

Term time Costs Only £20 12pm - 6.15pm

Our After-School room caters for children Primary 1 until the age of 12. We offer a breakfast club, school drop off and collection service from the local schools. 

After a hard day at school, the children can relax in the quiet area or choose from a wide range of creative, construction and imaginative activities.


Our outside facilities is what we pride ourselves on. Children can use our expansive gardens which includes a football pitch, basketball and even a zip line!!!

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